More Tales From  The East Riding
by Martin Limon . Published by the History Press (Tempus).  ISBN: 978-0-7524-4753-7
Price : 12.99. Release date around 20th June 2008
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More Tales From the East Riding: Synopsis
This fascinating new collection of tales of the East Riding contains momentous events, true crimes, surprising incidents and biographies of the area's famous sons and daughters. The stories cover an area from York down to Hull and include such tales as: Across the Humber, The Civil War in East Yorkshire, When Cholera Came Calling, Mary Wollstonecraft in Georgian Beverley, William Wilberforce, Airships Over East Yorkshire, Rogues' Gallery and many more. This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of the region, and also awaken memories of a bygone time for those who worked or lived here.

Kay Kendall with Kenneth More in Genevieve

1. Across the Humber
2. Sir Cornelius Vermuyden and the Dutch Connection
3. When Civil War Came to East Yorkshire
4. A Dark Deed at Long Riston
5. Mary Wollstonecraft in Georgian Beverley
6. Navigating the Riding (Rivers and Canals)
7. The Third Man in Hull Elections
8. The Winds of Change at Skidby
9. When Cholera Came Calling
10. Rogues' Gallery (Police and Crime)
11. When Kilham Was King
12. Trouble on the Tracks (Railway Accidents in East Yorkshire)
13. Tough Times at North Newbald
14. Freedom Fighter (William Wilberforce)
15. The Turbulent Life of Kay Kendall
16. A Violent Death at Bishop Burton
17. Health Care before the NHS
18. Airships over East Yorkshire
19. Walkington's Last Victorian Hayride
20. When Mother Nature Wrought Havoc (Extreme Weather over East Yorkshire)
21. James Reckitt and Swanland
22. Pioneering Aviation at Hedon Aerodrome (includes Amy Johnson)
23. Of Unsound Mind
24. The Capital of Caravan Making
25. Thomas Ferens and Hull
26. A Wealth of Acting Talent (Brian Rix, Ian Carmichael, Tom Courtenay, John Alderton, Maureen Lipman)

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